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Monthly Events
Fairy Hair Day Sunday January 14th from 2 - 4pm

Start the year with some sparkle! Fairy Princess Lolly will be available to glamour up your tresses with shiny Fairy Hair at Crescent Moon Gifts! First strand is always FREE, and then $1/ea.
(There might even been a bonus gift!)
COLORS Avail: Glittery Red, Metallic Copper, Glittery Gold, Florescent Yellow, Metallic (light) Green, Glittery Green, Metallic Blue, Glittery Blue, Metallic Teal, Glittery Teal, Glittery Purple, Glittery Silver, Glittery Amber/Brown, Glittery Black, Metallic Black, Rainbow, Mermaid Ice Blue
If you've been waiting to get your fix, come on down and let's make your hair resplendent and FABULOUS!