Crescent Moon Gifts
A Magical Gift Shop & Tea Lounge
 in Tacoma, WA
In order to enhance our customer experience by providing more services to our community we are happy to announce that we have office space available for rental to compatible businesses!

Other Businesses and Services In Our Building
Visit these other great small businesses in our building:
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We have meeting, classroom, office and event space available for rent! Free 1 hour use for non-profits, schedule permitting.

Office rental application available online here

Vibrant Hue Hypnosis LLC.
Chris Allen
Hours: By appointment only
Source Energy Healing
Trina DeCosta
Office #4
Hours: By appointment only
Office #6
Office #8
Office #3
Office #2
Honu Holistic Living
Cindy Ogden
Xanadu Aesthetics & Bodywork Boutique
Andrea Gance, LME
Onyx & Sage Holistic Lifestyling
Tanay Peters

This one could be YOURS! Apply online today
Hours: By appointment only   
Hours: By appointment only   
Call Cindy at 253-691-1538
Hours: By appointment only   
website coming soon!
HK Esthetics & Massage
Hannah Keefer