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It's been 7 years!

by Angela Wehnert on 07/21/11

It's been 7 years since I created the first website for Crescent Moon Gifts, my how time flies! I've had lots of feedback over the years on what people want to see... more information about the shop... no just make it for shopping...I want pictures... practical info like hrs. & such. Well truth is that running the shop takes up most of my time, and the rest of what's left goes to writing for New Age Retailer, planning and executing fairy events like the Spring Fairy Festival, making cool stuff to sell like my witch hat hair clips and charm pouches, figuring out how the store should look, what to sell, which events to host... quite honestly when it comes around to website updating it is one of the last things on my list. I currently have a website for shopping, a facebook for personality, an events site, a site for fairy fest, I think I made a bolg site about a year ago... you get the idea. So today I have deemed  'fix your site day', and I have spent a good 14 hrs. trying to create something that is all inclusive.

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