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House 'Cleansing' with Sage & more!

by Angela Wehnert on 03/30/12

It has been a week filled with customers coming in and calling about "bad things in their home". Many people are familiar with the Native American ritual of 'smudging', but for those that are not here are the basics...

You're feeling something strange, you may have seen shadows, heard noises or something doesn't feel quite right... you need to use SAGE. It is also good to use during spring cleaning, when you move into or vacate a new place, or when you are stuck in a rut in life.

The question I am asked most frequently is WHAT type of sage is the BEST?

The answer is simple, ALL sage is GOOD sage. With that said there are many types & varieties of the herb. The most common 2 types are white sage (broad leaf) and desert sage (brush bush). Desert sage is often also mixed with other herbs & resins to further confuse you! Just kidding! Not to worry, remember it is ALL good. So come into the store and  pick a scent you like or one that matches your purpose. Some examples- sage & sweetgrass is a nice combo- sweetgrass is known to bring in the positive while sage removes the negative thus bringing a perfect balance and harmony.Or perhaps you would like an extra sense of peace & calm? Try the sage with lavender. Or what you are experiencing may be particularly negative- Sage & copal, or sage & cedar are both good choices for bringing in your guides and universal help to deal with the problems, and packing an extra punch of clearing. So you have your sage, now what? We have several different books here at Crescent Moon Gifts that go very in-depth, but for the purpose of this blog I will share a quick & easy version that I use.

There are many different ways to 'smudge' your home (or yourself, tools, place of work, vehicle etc.. etc..). Here is what I do. First, light your smudge stick on the non-stem end. Get a good flame going, then blow or wave it out so you are left with a nice billowy cloud of smoke. YES it will be VERY smokey! This is what you need, it is believed that the smoke absorbs the negative energies and carries them away. (If you are smoke sensitive and cannot have someone else do this in your absence, I will give you pointers at the end of how to clear without sage, but actual sage IS best.) Because of the smokey nature I would recommend you remove small children & pets before you smudge, but I leave this to your discretion.

So now we have a smoking wand of sage, what do we do with it? First hopefully you have it in a heat proof bowl or on a plate, something to catch the hot ash as it falls (it WILL burn your floor so use it appropriately), now start by taking some of the smoke and fanning it towards yourself, this will cleanse your aura and shield you while you do your work. Start at the entrance of the home and fan the smoke around the perimeter of your place. I prefer to walk counter clockwise as it is a Wiccan tradition to banish something, but you can walk however you'd like, just make sure you are fanning the smoke EVERYWHERE. You may say a prayer or blessing at this time, or demand that the negative energy leave your home. If you hit a patch that feels extra 'heavy' or weird spend a little more time there, this usually happens in corners where energy gets trapped. Once you have finished walking through your home, place the sage in a central area for it to burn out (or somewhere heat safe like the stovetop) and you may ask for your guides/guardian angels/deceased relatives to help you clear out anything negative or harmful. Once the sage has burned out, open the windows and the doors, and let the smoke carry your troubles away!

Feel better? You should immediately feel a 'cleaner' or 'lighter' energy. Once you have smudged I suggest that you place a clear tumbled quartz in the four corners of your residence to form an energetic pyramid that keeps good in and bad out.

So you are smoke sensitive but want to cleanse? Ok, not a problem. There are a couple things you can do without smoke. We sell a 'smudge' in spray form. It is a mixture of purified water with sage essential oils as well as several other oils & ingredients known for their cleansing properties. Starting at the entrance spritz the perimeter of your place following the directions above. We also have essential oil sage candles which you can burn in each room to cleanse the enegy of that space, as well as sweetgrass candles to bring in the positive. Any of these items of course can also be used after the traditional sage stick smudging to keep the positive energy fresh.

I hope this has been helpful and I do teach this and more as a class in the store called 'Spiritual Housekeeping' from time to time, if you would like to attend a class such as that let me know and I will be sure to schedule accordingly.



Comments (17)

1. mary said on 6/4/14 - 12:33AM
I really feel my vehicle needs to be smudged, I felt I have had a couple of wrong or bad energy people in my car and it doesnt feel right .how do I cleanse my vehicle?
2. Angela Wehnert said on 6/4/14 - 02:10PM
Hi Mary, I'm not sure if it will notify you when I respond here, but I hope so! Cleaning a vehicle is a very good practice :) You would use sage to smudge the interior of your vehicle, you could also wave it underneath and walk in a circle around the vehicle too. To keep the energy clean you can sprinkle sea salt under the seats. I also like to keep a quartz crystal under the seats and one of my safe travel charms in the glove box. (Tiger eye is also a great protective stone choice).
3. charley said on 6/30/14 - 01:30PM
ok I preformed the smudging and as in a video it said to use all hpusehold members so I used both my children my son was fine but when I began the prayer my daughter peed herself she is 6 almost 7 and does not have accidents I said a separate prayer with her and smudged her room extra but im still worried are there any other things I should do maybe read the bible to her?
4. Angela Wehnert said on 6/30/14 - 02:51PM
Hi Charley. I hope you will receive my response here. It sounds like you did the right thing. Sometimes if there is an entity attached to a person when it is released there can also be a physical "release". I believe that is a good sign that what my have been attached to your daughter departed. Of course prayers are always f=good and wonderful things and can only help not hurt, so if you feel that is appropriate then do that. Also it is a good idea to place salt across the threshold of where the kids sleep, both the windows and the door.
5. Maria said on 10/4/14 - 08:59AM
I'm really thinking about sagging my house. I have seen a black shadow come to by bedroom door and then it left and now we are hearing load banging noises upstairs.What is a proper pray I can say when I smudge my house? Please help
6. Angela said on 10/6/14 - 11:36AM
Hi Maria, you can say whatever prayer comes to mind it can be the Lord's prayer, a different prayer, you can command the spirit to leave your home and you can call on Archangel Micheal to help you clear out the unwanted energies. Doing what is most meaningful to you will be the most helpful to clear your space.
7. Corey said on 10/14/14 - 06:37AM
How effective is burning sage essential oils using an oil warmer?
8. Angela said on 10/14/14 - 11:07AM
Using essential sage oil is very effective, and a good alternative for those who cannot handle the smoke.
9. victoria said on 6/7/15 - 03:57PM
u think sage will help me I been seeing herring and filling like they r people in my house when I`m alone and my 16y girl here thing.. my man fills like someone is in the truck with him or he will see things..we just moved in this home 1y 6m ago..if yes how would I used it were would I by it
10. Angela Wehnert said on 6/8/15 - 12:35PM
Hi Victoria, Yes, sage will definitely help with that! You would use it as described above. Sage is sold at metaphysical store, some health food stores, and online if all else fails. We sell sage in our store and ship everywhere :) Angela
11. MAri said on 11/3/15 - 02:29PM
The last couple of years so much has gone wrong, one thing after another literally, it never ends and in at my wits ends. Like when is it enough and how much is one person suppose to handle? I feel helpless I feel like no matter how Positive I try to be bam!!! Something else comes up... I feel like someone did voodoo or evil eye or whatever you want to call it... What should I do in my house and vehicles?
12. Angela Wehnert said on 11/4/15 - 12:50PM
MAri- I would suggest following the steps in the blog, smudging your home & vehicle as well as yourself. You may also want to carry a black tourmaline stone for extra protection against negativity, as well as a citrine for positive energy. Talking a sea salt bath before you smudge for extra cleansing of your auric field will be helpful.
13. trish said on 2/17/16 - 03:43PM
Does everyone living in the house bed to be present? ?
14. Barbara Painter said on 4/15/17 - 01:10PM
I would like to educate myself on the different types of sage,salts,stones, anything dealing with cleansing and clearing and safety. Do you have suggestions on books or web site to help me with it. I would also like to learn how to meditate and find my gifts, can you suggest or help me with that?
15. Angela Wehnert said on 4/17/17 - 11:27AM
Hi Trish- no, everyone does not need to be present, but if they can it is preferred. The space will be clear, but people do bring in their baggage when they enter, so a little salt by the doorway they enter would be helpful. Hi Barbara- That is quite a bit of info you're seeking. Google is great in terms of finding sites online on all of those topics! Sage & Smudge by Diane Ronngren is a good book, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is a great book, Practical Protection Magick by Ellen Dugan is a good read as well :)
16. Anon said on 10/29/17 - 07:53PM
Hi! I just cleansed my entire apartment last night and then had some bad energy/ fights happen in it today. Is this just coincidence or have you heard of this happening before?
17. Angela Wehnert said on 10/31/17 - 06:13PM
Hi there, Yes, sage will only clean the negative energy tat is currently in the home, it does not prevent negative energy from re-entering. For a very toxic environment the process may need to be repeated daily, and you may also need to follow up with a citrus scent of orange/lemon, or sweetgrass. Anon said on 10/29/17 - 07:53PM Hi! I just cleansed my entire apartment last night and then had some bad energy/ fights happen in it today. Is this just coincidence or have you heard of this happening before?

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